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Corabb. – Azerbaijan
socks brand & store

“Corabb.” presents collections of tailor-made, stylish, and colorful knitted cotton socks products, which are designed on Azerbaijan’s unique, historical & traditional values. You can also buy them as gifts or souvenirs from Azerbaijan, through online orders or purchase from the store.

New socks

Affordable socks sets

Box sets, which consist of 3 or more pairs of socks that are selected in advance or as per your desire, allow you to purchase at more affordable prices. Visit the Box Sets section of the website to see available options. Sets are delivered in special boxes prepared in various designs.

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socks order

Order socks via a simple & secure online payment process

Delivery to
Baku and Azerbaijan

Delivery of online sock order in 24 hours within Baku, and in 7 days to all other Azerbaijan regions.

cotton socks

All socks are produced with 80% of cotton by “OEKO-100” textile-certificated manufacturers.

Best gift or souvenir
from Azerbaijan

You can also buy our socks as a unique and interesting gift or souvenir from Azerbaijan.

Gift shop / Souvenir store

You can purchase the socks from our shop/store located in the Baku city center.

Our partners

Our products are also available in ASAN Centers (Old Town & Sherg Bazaar), Ninka, Stock, Handicraft, Suri Miras, and Soroko partner stores.