Architectural monuments socks set


Architectural monuments socks set


A socks collection dedicated to the architectural monuments of Azerbaijan, which have a unique concept, history, and most importantly a story.

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The Palace of Happiness

“How happy are those who live in such a building!" said Liza Khanim – the wife of the famous Azerbaijani millionaire Murtuza Mukhtarov – standing in front of a building she saw in Italy. About a year later, Murtuza Bey built the Palace of Happiness, which is currently one of the most beautiful buildings in Baku, in honor of his beloved wife Liza Tuganova. This magnificent building, once created by the eternal love of a happy couple now functions as a marriage house and brings together thousands of young people.

The Maiden Tower

The Maiden Tower considered a symbol of Baku, reflects the heroic pages of our history. The mysterious unity of antiquity and modernity, the view from above of this magnificent castle, erected in the Old City, resembles a key. It is like a key to a door that hides the city’s secrets. Due to such characteristics, the Maiden Tower is one of the most magnificent and mysterious monuments included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

The Sharg Bazaar

Sharg Bazaar considered the most important art example of its time, continues the historical traditions of Azerbaijani architecture in a modern way. This bazaar, which has become a part of our rich culture with its texture and lively atmosphere, opens a great door for its visitors to get to know the local lifestyle.

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